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Family at home

Unlock learning.

Education Advantage are experts in Academic Assessments. Our goal is to help families who have children who are struggling academically find out why. 


Assessments analyze learning skills, providing the key to helping kids move forward academically.

  • Address pandemic learning gaps with a customized learning plan 

  • Gain insight into executive functioning and attention skills (child, youth, or adult)

  • Uncover areas of academic challenges and strengths    

  • Identify what academic skills to prioritize, focusing time and resources

  • Also offering contract assessment services for organizations

Meet Leigh & Joyce

Education Specialists. Learning Strategists.

Joyce E. Kennedy, PhD, CTD

J. Leigh Gillis, MEd

We are a mother, daughter team with many years of combined experience in education, teaching, conducting assessments and developing learning strategies.   


As experienced educators, our strongest value is helping people develop knowledge about their strengths and gaining the confidence that comes with knowing how they learn best – why some things are hard and others are easy.  Our assessments will empower you with the information you need for academic and personal success.  ​

We are members of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)

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Our Expertise

Executive Functioning/Attention Skills Screening

Academic Assessments

The decline in learning is real.

The decline in learning means that compared to even two decades ago, many children today are not reaching their full learning potential.  This is because many children have developed gaps in their learning due to the pandemic or other interruptions to schooling.

For children this will have a negative impact on different areas of their development, from school performance to self-esteem.  At home parents may see their children frustrated, struggling with homework, reading, and their desire to complete academic work.   

At Education Advantage we help stop the decline in learning.  We augment our services using additional screening tools where necessary to identify strengths and weaknesses in executive functioning and attention skills. We find exactly where a child’s learning gaps occur and provide a customized learning plan.

Our primary goal is to reassure you with a plan that will help your child succeed.

School's out

The Journey Towards Healthy Functioning Begins on the Path of Understanding. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Education advantage gave me affirmation for everything I had been wondering about and struggling with. Leigh and Joyce were lovely, so easy to talk to and share with. They took all my concerns seriously and handled everything professionally".


The Assessment gave us peace of mind. We wanted an assessment for our daughter. Education Advantage gave us great strategies to help her address her academic weaknesses over the summer. She is now a thriving and happy student. 

- Kerry & Peter

“The assessment allowed me to understand the areas I struggle with most, and provided a specific tool/technique that I could implement immediately to address my specific need.  I'd highly recommend this process to anyone looking for more clarity.”

- Julie

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