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Meet The Pros

Educators & Lifelong Learners

Joyce Kennedy

  • PhD in Education, University of New Brunswick

  • MEd, Universite de Moncton

  • BA and BEd, Mount Allison University


Joyce has been an educator for over forty years. She currently teaches university assessment courses and has experience in classroom, universities, vocational and workplace settings. Joyce has held senior leadership positions in education administration working as a principal, as well as a provincial supervisor and evaluator. 


Early in her career she developed a desire and passion for working with children who are diverse learners and specializes in working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  She knows without question that all learners benefit from assessment.


Joyce currently lives in Halifax, with her husband and their rescue cat, Schooner. Relationships with her family and friends are her highest value. She is grateful for her blended family, her grandchildren and the connectivity of the digital world that offers connection with all of her family which is spread around the world.


Leigh Gillis

  • MEd, University of New Brunswick

  • BA, Mount Allison University


Leigh has worked in education for over twenty years; spending much of this time working with university students and workers in employment settings to develop essential learning skills.  It was when her own child was diagnosed at age 7 with a learning disability and ADHD that she began to fully understand how much a positive or negative experience in learning impacts a child’s development and their confidence.  As a parent, she wanted to help her child learn and as an educator she knew an assessment would provide the key of knowing where to start.   

Leigh lives in Halifax, with her husband, son and dog Coco.  Her goal in joining forces with her mother at Education Advantage is to bring accessible, meaningful assessments to parents that will provide them with the same relief she experienced after gaining clear knowledge about her son as a learner.  Real relief, through real information, that helps parents know where to start if they are just beginning the journey.  

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