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Academic Assessment

Gain concrete knowledge to make informed decisions about learning.

Do you wonder...

Is my child keeping up in school?


Why does my child avoid reading?


Does my child understand their school work?

Why is my child disengaged from learning?


Why does my child have trouble finding the right words to express themselves?

~ You're in the right place ~
Education Advantage Academic Assessments

School Student

Imagine if...

You understood how your child was doing academically?

You knew specific curricular areas in which your child might be struggling?

You had suggestions for strategies and support to help your child succeed?

You knew exactly what steps to take next, and you felt empowered to take them?

Why do an Academic Assessment?

There are many reasons you may want an Academic Assessment for your child.  It starts with knowing what an important piece of the learning puzzle an Academic Assessment is.  

An Academic Assessment is a like a roadmap.  It provides an objective, standardized measure of your child's learning. We offer different types of academic assessments that provide different information and we will work with you to determine the right one for the information you want to know.

You may want an Academic Assessment if:

  • you want to know if your child is reading at age/grade level

  • you want to find out for certain if your child is having difficulty with key areas like reading, listening comprehension and math.

  • you've been told to get a psychoeducational assessment for yourself or your child and the waiting list is long (see our FAQs)

  • you require documentation for accessibility services in university or college

  • you feel your child is at risk for reading deficits

  • you or your child are feeling anxious about how they are doing academically

  • you are concerned about "pandemic lag" or your child's loss of learning time due to the pandemic and want to know what to do

  • your child has experienced interruptions to their learning due to illness, time away, or other reasons 

  • you want standardized and third party measurement of current schooling progress (homeschool, private or public).

As parents we want the best for our children and as parents we know it helps emotionally when supports our children require are focused, efficient and streamlined.  No matter the assessment service you choose, you will gain one of two things.

  • One, knowledge that your child is on target, and that you have nothing to worry about. 

  • Two, details about one or more curriculum areas where your child is behind, giving you critical information on where to focus, strategies and how to start to help them. 

The result is that you will know where to begin and what to do next. 


The Assessment gave us peace of mind. We wanted an assessment for our daughter before she transferred from her Elementary French Immersion program to a private Junior High School where the majority of her classes are in English. We were concerned that her English academic skills might be weak and it was a relief to find out that her academic skills were on par with her peers. Although a few vocabulary weaknesses were noted, Education Advantage gave us great strategies to help her address these over the summer. She is now a thriving and happy student. 

-Kerry & Peter

High quality assessment creates a roadmap for success in school, career and life
(techlearning 2017)

Academic Assessments

prices vary & do not include tax

Our options give you choice &

we'll help you determine what you need.

($297)    The Wide Range Achievement Test-5 (WRAT5)

Giving an overview and measuring skills in individual Word Reading, Sentence Comprehension, Spelling and Math computation. Includes success strategies.

($297)    The Woodcock Reading Mastery Test-III

Giving an overview and measuring only those skills related to reading and listening comprehension, and oral fluency. Includes success strategies.

($1,497)  The WIAT-III

An extensive, in-depth tool giving a very detailed assessment of academic performance in all academic areas. Includes success strategies and a customized learning plan. 

  • The WIAT-III is required as a first step toward a full Psycho-Educational Assessment

  • See FAQ's below for more information on the Academic Assessment

(Rates TBA)   Psycho-Educational Assessment

Combines the WIAT-III with cognitive testing and will be discussed on an individual basis.


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