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Executive Functioning Screening for Adults 18+ 

Move forward with knowledge, confidence & strategies.

Do you find that you...

Often “zone out”

Have trouble completing projects

Become frustrated quickly

Have trouble following multi-step instructions at work

Are forgetful or need reminding


Have low self-confidence

Resist tasks that require focus

Start one thing and then find yourself doing something else

~ We've got you ~
Education Advantage Executive Functioning Screening

Confident Businessman

Imagine if...

You knew how to better organize and plan at work, university and at home.

You knew how to become more focused.

You had strategies to be more productive and a community of people that relate to your experience.

You knew exactly what steps to take next, and you felt empowered to take them.

Why care about Executive Functioning as an adult?

Adults and young adults have been under an extreme amount of pressure since the onset of the global pandemic.  In what felt like a heart-beat the structures supporting our lives changed.  Work, school and the way we relate and communicate shifted. Our everyday routines were upended and the patterned way people organize their lives changed.  

For many adults the loss of these structures also meant a loss of strategies and support systems that had previously been used as foundations for self-management.  As we grow we learn and create strategies to manage our lives so we can function.  When these structures collapse (which several have in the pandemic) many people were left wondering why they feel disorganized or just unable to “get it together”. 

Executive functioning issues are often linked to ADHD.  In fact, ADHD is often thought of as a dysregulation of executive functioning skills.  It is starting to become more understood that ADHD also has strong genetic links and many adults are making connections to their own life experience based on what they discover for their children. Understanding the wide impact ADHD has on one’s life is fairly recent and some adults may not have encountered this information before.  

Increasingly, some adults (especially those over 30) are now wondering… “is it possible I have ADHD?” At Education Advantage we offer a screening using a standardized tool based on DSM-V symptoms of ADHD.  Our screening will provide you with an objective and clear indication of whether or not ADHD is indeed a possibility for you.  Once you know this, you will be empowered to make informed decisions.

ED Ad laptop assessment.png

“The best benefits from my assessment were the suggestions on coping skills and mechanisms to manage daily challenges.”

- Tara

“The assessment allowed me to understand the areas I struggle with most, and provided a specific tool/technique that I could implement immediately to address my specific need.  I'd highly recommend this process to anyone looking for a little more clarity.”

- Julie

Don't stay in the dark any longer

Executive Functioning Screening


a 20 minute initial consultation to address questions and discuss process.

A unique link to your individual assessment. A totally online, self-guided process which takes approx. 20 minutes to complete.

2 detailed reports - one with detailed data on executive functioning areas, and a second report which provides our analysis including strategies and tools to help you know what actions to take next.

A follow up 1:1 video consultation to go over your report in further detail with you, and an opportunity for you to ask any questions. 

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  • Who is this screening for?
    This screening is for anyone (child, teen, young adult or adult) who is struggling with daily functioning skills that may be associated with ADHD. We recommend this screening as an important first step in planning strategies and developing support.
  • What is the most effective way to use this tool?
    This screening identifies if an individual is struggling with executive functioning skills that co-relate to symptoms of ADHD as stated in the DSM-V. Because this screening gives detailed numeric data it can be used effectively to monitor and gauge treatment success over time. The results of therapeutic interventions (medical or behavioural) if used consistently can be measured with this tool providing real data on the intervention(s) efficacy. To do this, we suggest 3 evaluations over an 18 month period.
  • How is this screening completed?
    The screening is completed online and takes approximately 20-30mins. You will receive... A detailed email from us containing your own confidential unique link to your individual screening tool. If the screening is for a youth (child or teen) then you will receive 3 links: 1 each for the youth (self-report depending on age), the parent, and their teacher for you to forward if you want their input.
  • How long do I have to complete the screening and when do I get the tool?
    Your links are time sensitive and we ask you to complete the screening tool within 5 days. Links are sent by email only after full payment is received by Education Advantage to help you avoid delay.
  • What can I expect to receive as a result of taking this screening?
    ​As a result of this screening you will gain insight into skill areas of executive function and attention you (or your child) find challenging and that impact daily life. You will receive 2 detailed reports The first contains clear data on problematic areas of self management that relate to ADHD symptoms The second provides our analysis of the first report and includes specific strategies and tools to help problem areas identified A follow up 1:1 video consultation to go over your report in person and in detail to provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions Automatic inclusion for the first month to our Education Advantage ADHD online discussion forum, via Facebook.

Take the First Step

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