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Understanding how your functioning impacts your day-to-day life can allow you to prepare accurately for the challenges ahead; making an incredible difference in the way you experience the joys in life.

ADHD Screening for Children

Assessments provide an objective and clear view of where your child is on their learning journey. 


By taking the time to identify where your child is currently, and how they process information, you will be able to understand elements of their current behaviour/actions.

We take it a step further by giving you the systems that will make the biggest impact on your child's progress, so you know what to do next and how to make the biggest impact.

Girl with Braids
ADHD Screening
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ADHD Screening for Adults

Adults have been under an extreme amount of pressure since the onset of the global pandemic.  Our everyday routines were upended and the patterned way people organize their lives changed.  


Since the Pandemic, have you been wondering why you feel disorganized or unable to just “get it together”? 

You're not alone.


At Education Advantage we offer an ADHD Screening using a standardized tool based on DSM-V symptoms of ADHD.  Our screening will provide you with an objective and clear indication of whether or not ADHD is indeed a possibility for you.  Knowing this will empower you to make informed decisions.

Academic Assessment

This assessment determines how your child is doing academically and where their performance falls in relation to same-aged peers.


An extensive academic assessment service, which measures a range of academic skills including:


  • math

  • language

  • reading and comprehension

  • writing

  • vocabulary

  • oral expression

At school
Academic Assessments
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