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Student Success Coaching


Our Clients & Our Approach 


As coaches who are also long-time educators we live for light-bulb moments. You know the “a-has” that spark ideas, new understanding and forward movement. Students become unstuck when they experience these moments, and we work to help students create them.

Our coaching clients tend to be senior high school students or undergraduate university students.  Both students and parents reach out to us for support because our approach is direct, but honest and sincere.  We are teachers at heart, and this creates a relational style is a mix of appreciative and strengths-based coaching and targeted skills education through customized, 1-on-1 teaching.  


Specifically, we work in the areas of:

  • First-year student support

    • helping ease the transition from high school to university through a mix of life and academic skills growth.

  • Life skills development

    • guiding students to problem solve, self-organize, manage communication and self-advocate.

  • Academic skills development

    • teaching students effective study methods, learning strategies and how to prioritize workload.

  • Reducing test and exam anxiety

    • coaching students to develop study systems, test taking strategies, and calming techniques.​

  • Time management and planning skills development

    • teaching students how to see their time, track and organize their time and gain control.​

  • University student personal coaching

    • supporting students through and out of university as they take steps into early adulthood.​


The result is that students who work with us gain confidence and a sense of capability in managing their own lives.  In turn, confidence and capability strengthen resilience and self-efficacy, providing a stronger foundation for personal and academic success. 

Meet Joyce

Joyce Kennedy has been an educator for over 40 years.  Her specialties include assessment, student academic learning and skills development, and assisting diverse learners.


Joyce holds a PhD, MEd and BEd in Education, and is a Certified Teacher of the Deaf (CTD).


Meet Leigh

Leigh Gillis has been providing support to students for over 20 years. She specializes in helping students develop academic and life skills, first-year transition and learning strategies.

Leigh holds a MEd in Education and a BA

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