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English Language
Reading and Tutoring


Assess and grow your English language skills.


If you or your child struggles with English language reading, we can help.

We provide a specialized service that includes standardized assessment to determine current skill level, which informs a customized tutoring approach.

We serve clients ranging in age from 6 to 60!

Our reading and tutoring service includes:

  • A formal reading assessment

    • Before tutoring begins, we conduct a mandatory standardized assessment to determine current reading level.

    • We use Pearson Education tools, a one-time fee of $297 (+ tax) applies.

  • 1-on-1 tutoring  

    • When working with children their parents/caregivers are welcome to stay. 

  • Qualification of reading materials

    • We carefully choose our materials, so learners see progress and build confidence.

  • Customized learning 

    • We want learners to stay interested during tutoring, so for children especially we will change things up when necessary.

  • 1-hour sessions

    • Provided in a professional office location (North End Halifax).

  • Follow-up reporting

    • We want learners and/or parents to know how things are progressing. 


Dr. Joyce Kennedy conducts all assessment and tutoring sessions.

Our rate for reading tutoring is offered at $57 (+tax) per hour.

A one-time assessment fee $297 applies.

We accept payment by credit card.

Meet Joyce



Joyce Kennedy has been an educator for over forty years. She currently teaches university assessment courses and has experience in classroom, universities, vocational and workplace settings.


Joyce has held senior leadership positions in education administration working as a principal, as well as a provincial supervisor and evaluator.  Early in her career she developed a desire and passion for working diverse learners and specializes in working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  She knows without question that all learners benefit from assessment.

Joyce is a highly skilled teacher and her clients see their world's open as their English reading skills develop!


Joyce's Educational Qualifications


  • PhD in Education, University of New Brunswick

  • MEd, Universite de Moncton

  • BA and BEd, Mount Allison University

  • CTD, Certified Teacher of the Deaf

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